About Us

Hey there! I am Barbara - my husband Ron and I run a cozy little art studio and pet boutique nestled in Eastern Long Island. We are also the proud owners of Pawcasso Crackers, which we created after noticing that many of the treats we carried in our store contained ingredients that didn't sit right with us or our customers who wanted only the best for their beloved furry companions. We knew we had to do something about it.

Cooking has always been my passion, so creating our own healthy treats seemed like the natural solution. For about a year, I immersed myself in the kitchen, experimenting with different recipes, shapes, and flavors that would appeal to both pets and their humans alike. Ron, with his keen eye for design, lent his expertise to packaging and product development.

Our journey was filled with countless taste tests, courtesy of our rescue pups, Jack, Russell, Kava, and most recently, Dewey. Their enthusiastic feedback, in the form of tail wags and eager munching, guided us in perfecting what we believe are the ultimate dog (and cat) treats.

And so, Pawcasso Crackers was born – a labor of love crafted with care and attention to detail. Every batch is a testament to our dedication to providing pets with the kind of wholesome, delicious snacks they deserve. Based on the wagging tails of both pets and their parents, we know we've hit the mark.

We hope your furry friend enjoys our CRACKers as much as ours do! It's our way of spreading joy and nourishment to pets everywhere while staying true to our passion for cooking, creativity, and, of course, our love for animals.